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LearnDigitalMarketing.au is your gateway to mastering the power of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Understanding SEO is essential in today’s digital landscape, where online visibility can make or break a business.

We offer a wide range of free resources and tools that will empower you to optimize your website, improve your rankings, and drive organic traffic to help unlock the potential of SEO for your business!

The Best SEO Learning Resources

LearnDigitalMarketing.au has curated the best guides, articles and resources in key areas of search engine optimisation so that you can access the best information when ever you need it.

As a business owner we know you’re time poor and can’t spend hours looking for what you need when it comes to SEO. Get access to everything you need to help skyrocket your business’s online presence through SEO.

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Tools To Learn SEO Free & Premium

Search Engine Optimisation often relies on a number of different tools used together to create a killer SEO strategy. While some of these tools can be quite pricey, we have compiled our favourite Paid and Free SEO tools that you can start learning today.

Checkout the range of tools that we recommend for different areas of SEO.

Learn SEO Online With FREE Courses & Certificates

What better way to show off your new knowledge in search engine optimisation than with a number of free certifications & courses from some of the top brands in SEO. We have compiled the top SEO courses & certificates for you to help you beef up your resume while learning more in-depth theories in SEO.

Our founder Ryan has completed a wide variety of courses & certificates himself and has hand-picked the courses he recommends to help you build your skills & knowledge.

LearnSEO Curated By:

LearnSEO Curated By:

Ryan Chilton

Ryan is an SEO consultant based on the Gold Coast Australia who works for a digital marketing agency called Digital Surfer. Ryan also has his own consulting business RC Digital. Ryan is the founder of LearnDigitalMarketing.au and prides himself on ensuring businesses have access to the latest trends, techniques & tools to excel in the digital space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Learning SEO

How to learn SEO

The best way to learn SEO is by creating a personal website & just diving into the deep end with implementing your learnings. Using a range of online guides & resources can help you to learn the basics of search engine optimisation which you can then implement on your own website.

How long does it take to learn SEO

While you can learn the basics of search engine optimisation relatively quickly, SEO is something you never stop learning, as the industry changes almost daily. This means it’s never a badtime to start to learn new skills & strategies in search engine optimisation.

Is SEO hard to learn

SEO can become quite technical and complicated the further you dive into it. While it’s not hard to learn the basics, when working with larger more complex sites it will certainly become harder to manage.

Where to learn SEO

LearnDigitalMarketing.au is the best place to learn SEO by expanding your knowledge, skills and toolset in search engine optimisation. We offer a curated experience of the best guides and tools from a wide range of sources which allows you to learn from more than just one persons perspective on SEO.

Can you learn SEO by yourself

You can learn SEO by yourself simply by creating a personal website, or niche blog where you can test your new learnings, implement strategies and have free reign to do what you need in order to better your self in the field of SEO.
WordPress is the perfect platform to learn how to do SEO by yourself with everything you need to develop a website and improve your skills.

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