The Ultimate Guide To Learn Digital Marketing Online aims to provide businesses & future marketers the resources and tools needed to be successful in the ever-changing digital space. Grow your knowledge & skills in digital marketing with our fundamentals from a range of different marketing specialties.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Unlock digital marketing’s power and gain an edge in today’s online landscape. From SEO to social media, each specialty propels brand awareness, boosts conversions, and drives business growth.

Start adapting to trends, connecting with diverse audiences, and crafting compelling campaigns to learn a comprehensive digital skill set.


Top resources to help you learn about the latest Search Engine Optimisation techniques and tools

Paid Search

Resources to help you learn Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and a range of other Search Marketing tips

Website Design

The best online resources to learn how to design a website that not only looks great but also converts

Social Media Marketing

Online resources to learn all about the latest trends & platforms in the social media marketing world.

How To Learn Digital Marketing

Learning Digital Marketing has never been easier. You no longer need a fancy, expensive piece of paper to become a leader in the industry. While formal education and certificates can certainly help you learn the basics, the best way to learn digital marketing is through hands-on experience and time on the tools.

Some of the best minds in the digital marketing field all have one thing in common. They all work on building their skills & knowledge regularly by testing new strategies & implementing them in real-life situations.

Why Learn Digital Marketing Online

Choosing to learn digital marketing online gives you access to millions of resources right at your fingertips from thousands of industry experts. At we strive to curate the best online learning materials, courses and tools to help Australian businesses & marketers learn how they can grow their online presence through the use of integrated digital marketing strategies.

Implement Your Own Digital Marketing Strategies

By learning a range of skills in the digital field you will be able to better understand how each area can help your business grow by implementing your new skills in your own digital marketing strategies. Whether you’re diversifying your skills for career growth or wanting to learn a bit about marketing to help your business grow.

Achieve Your Goals By Learning Digital Marketing

No matter what your motive is for learning new skills, is here to help you achieve your goals & become the best marketer possible. Need some example goals that some of our marketers have achieved and you could too?

  • Build your business to reach 7 figures & above!
  • Excel in your marketing career and be recognised for your award-winning strategies.
  • Climb the Corporate ladder by bringing new and innovative ideas to the table.
  • Choose the right agency fit for your needs based on your new found knowledge of the industry.

About was founded by Ryan Chilton, an award-winning digital marketing specialist who aims to provide the best online guide to learning digital marketing. While the concept for our Learn DM isn’t new, Ryan wanted to create something truly unique and designed specifically for business owners & young marketers in Australia.

In the early stages of developing this online marketing, it started as a pool of Ryan’s personal knowledge, experiences & tools that he used daily. Fast forward and we strive to grow into a marketplace of curated learnings & tools from a range of industry experts in a variety of niches within digital marketing.

Courses & Certificates to Learn Digital Marketing For Free

Having personally completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Marketing & eCommerce, and multiple other short courses & certificates, there is no doubt that they can provide real benefits once completing some of these courses.

While In my experience time on the tools and real life experience is where you will really grow your skills & knowledge. Getting the opportunity to gain this experience is often a difficult part as a new marketer. The certifications & courses you complete will be the stepping stone to getting a job or work that lets you get this real-life experience.

Semrush Academy

Semrush Academy has a range of Free courses & certificates that cover a range of SEO and marketing areas.

Hubspot Academy

Hubspot is an industry leader in their online courses & certificates for digital marketing.


Coursera is one of the best marketplaces with a vide variety of online courses & certificates for digital marketing.

Google Skill Shop

Google offers a wide variety of certifications on their most popular tools like Google Analytics 4, Google Ads & more.

LinkedIn Marketing Labs

Earn a number of different certificates through LinkedIn’s Marketing Labs. FREE Course is in the process of creating a FREE Digital Marketing course . Register your interest today!